Del Taco Presents Crys P

Del Yeah!, Y'all

Crys P’s gone country. One taste of Del Taco’s new Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce was enough for Crys P to ditch the hair product, throw on some jeans and get in touch with his down-home roots. You may have heard of the Bakersfield sound in country music, but Crys P is pioneering the Yermo sound and this sweet ‘n’ smoky tune will give you a hankerin’ for some of that Del Taco goodness. Legendary doesn’t quite describe Crys P. Like at all. But the tacos? Del Yeah!™.

Smokin' Deals

New Honey Chipotle BBQ. Try our new BBQ Crispy Chicken Taco, BBQ Bacon Ranch Loaded Fries, Epic BBQ Crispy Chicken and Bacon Burrito.

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