Crys P Tyger

Half band. Half hair. All rock.

Crys P Tyger rocking out! (Musician Crys P holding a microphone while fireworks go off in the background)

Who is Crys P

CRYS///P TYGER is fronted by legendary singer CRYS P. Hailing from the streets of Yermo, CA, CRYS P got his start as a roadie for the band Thundertaco. While on tour through the most renowned bowling alleys on the West Coast, his love for metal, hairspray and spicy guitar licks took hold.

Before serving as the frontman for the TYGER, CRYS P rocked many garages in bands like Macho Combo, The Scorchos and Taco Fist. With the release of “Gimme Gimme Two,” CRYS///P TYGER is teetering on the edge of worldwide fame, once they land a manager, a gig and a new PA system. They hocked their old one for 50 bucks in burritos. Del Yeah.


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